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September 22nd 2022 - First Day of Fall

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I love fall. The weather let me walk over a mile! My team took over an hour to get me ready but I was pose for the first leaf of fall. It was rough. I tried to keep the leaf, but it just crumpled in my mouth. After our walk we enjoyed the orchards in the sun.

I really like dress up day, it should be coming soon. I have no clue what I will be wearing!

After that dumb bird day, and smelling of the tree. This season is my favorite!

October 30ish 2022 - All Hallow's Eve

Yes I am a model
My wardrobe specialist Foxy Loves You It takes a certain dedication I am a dangerous spider

Seriourisly I don't just wake up with perfect hair. I said I need to woof-woof, and model.

I can show I'm serious and smelly. I literally break the internet with my talent.

I tried to show my sensitive side here, but how can a spider be sensitive?

Foxy and Friends

foxy and friends

Life is better with fur friends.