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Time to Get Back, September

The wall of Decay

We are here, we all Fall

Leaves leave the tree

We are here, we all Fall

Forgive the mess the colors are the best

For the smell is the best of all

We are here, we all Fall

FunFest (august)


No more protest, I must go on

This month is work, a jogathon

Run, walk, sniff I do my best

For this month is august, the FUNFEST!

Beat the Heat Summer Heat Safety!

Freedom 4th

Happy America Day

Smell of Ham on the Grill

Colors oh so bright

Loud sounds giving all a Thrill

Take care of your loved ones right!

Think of those that can't defend themselves Safety For Pets and Animals!

June Thrill

Grass makes me look great! Time to GO! It is hard looking this good

Sun is shining, time to ride

We can go anywhere with you by my side

Refresh and enjoy the air

I Love the time we share!

May Light Shine

May Force

Do Not lose Hope young padawan

May the 4th be with you!


I Love my BowOlan Mills Senior PhotoRemember to sniff!

Wo0f-Wo0f, loud and proud!

Flowers and color is abound

Daisies and time for bows,

These are the days fun grows!

Vernal Equinox


Long winter is over, off with my coat.

Woof in the rays of spring days!

Smell freshly laid plans in blossom.

Bring a friend and explore awesome!

Presitine's Day 2023


February can be rough. Presitine's day helps me remember.

Roll more. Goal less.

Plan for, but do fun.

Expect and Find Happiness!

Decemeber 25ish 2022 - Smelling of the TREE!

I am making my rounds
Love singing along Must Prepare Patience, gifts arriving soon

On this lovely holiday, I wish you great smells.

I'm making my rounds, all in red dress.

Singing with friends, barking at door bells

I wish you Happy Holidays, to 2022 I'm giving it a rest!

Decemeber 5th 2022 - First Snow

Huskies have nothing on me
Long Winter Months Yes it is hard Home is that way

Love this white stuff.

The days are long!

Played in it all day, showing off my direction senses!

I feel I finally have serious down!

November 24th 2022 - Dumb Bird Day

Pre Eat Walk
We eat We made it Yum

The house smells of bacon wrapped goodness from the dumb bird.

We walked so far today, in preperation of eating the silly befallen. Speaking of leaves.

My Shark friend had to join in and help us devour this deliciousness!

Happy Holidays everyone!

October 30ish 2022 - All Hallow's Eve

Yes I am a model
My wardrobe specialist Foxy Loves You It takes a certain dedication I am a dangerous spider

Seriourisly I don't just wake up with perfect hair. I said I need to woof-woof, and model.

I can show I'm serious and smelly. I literally break the internet with my talent.

I tried to show my sensitive side here, but how can a spider be sensitive?

September 22nd 2022 - First Day of Fall

foxy fall
foxy fall 2 foxy fall 2 foxy fall 3 foxy fall 4 foxy fall 5

I love fall. The weather let me walk over a mile! My team took over an hour to get me ready but I was pose for the first leaf of fall. It was rough. I tried to keep the leaf, but it just crumpled in my mouth. After our walk we enjoyed the orchards in the sun.

I really like dress up day, it should be coming soon. I have no clue what I will be wearing!

After that dumb bird day, and smelling of the tree. This season is my favorite!

Foxy and Friends

foxy and friends

Life is better with fur friends.